The Odyssey model is simple: it’s your home, with care built-in. We deliver personalised care and support services covering initial care, moderate care, high care through to extra high care and dementia care.

FlexiCare Packages

We’ve built our Flexicare packages to be delivered at cost and fully customisable to you so that you receive the highest quality of care. This enables you to have as much independence as you desire, while still having the reassurance that care is available to you 24/7.

Initial Care

This is the first level of care that Odyssey provides, for those residents who require some help and don’t have extensive and complex medical requirements. 

Moderate Care

Sometimes people require just a little bit more than what Initial Care provides, but don’t quite need all that High Care entails. At Odyssey we can ebb and flow to find the level of care that suits your evolving needs.

High Care

Residents who have High Care needs will tend to require assistance at several points throughout the day with a number of different tasks, and tend to need help with mobility issues.

Unlike most traditional aged care facilities, we are able to provide all levels of care at Odyssey, so residents don’t have to move between facilities when their care needs change.

Extra High Care

We are able to cater for all levels of care at Odyssey—even residents who require Extra High Care. These residents require attention in order to ensure their needs are met and are comfortable. 

In the last stages of their life, residents do not need to be in a foreign environment, alone with strangers. At this important time, Odyssey provides the opportunity for residents to be in their own home, where family can stay and with staff that know and love them.

Our Care Services

• Initial, moderate and high care
• Palliative care
• Dementia care and management
• Short term care for acute episodes eg. total hip replacement
• Rehabilitation support

• Injections
• Wound care
• Medication management
• Bowel care
• Catheterisation
• Peg tube management
• Diabetes management

• Showering, dressing and toilet assistance
• Personal hygiene
• Skin integrity management
• Fitting and adjusting hearing aids/glasses etc.
• Passive and active exercises

• Manage bladder control problems

• Manage bowel control problems

• Individual assistance and encouragement
• Provide for special diets when required and soft food options
• In home meal preparation

• Assistance with mobility aids
• Safe, planned manual handling
• Exercise groups such as balance classes for falls prevention

• Individual support and encouragement
• Facilitate communication with staff, family and residents
• Encourage social interaction and mental stimulation
• Regular wellness seminars